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Apple's latest iPhone operating system, iOS 14, is up and running as a public beta, and is packed with useful new features to help you get things done faster and easier. The Shortcuts app in particular sees a major upgrade in the new OS, with more options for automating tasks so you can make your phone do what you need without moving a muscle.?

iOS 14 is still only available in public beta (check out our instructions for how to download iOS 14). But if you install it, you should know that the OS won't be in its final form, and you could experience bugs. We recommend waiting for the final release in the fall to be safe, especially if you don't have a second device to test it out on. But here's how the new Shortcut feature works, so you can be ready when you do get iOS 14 on your iPhone.

a close up of a device: Using Shortcuts with third-party apps is another good use of the app.? © Jason Cipriani/CNET

Using Shortcuts with third-party apps is another good use of the app.?

What is the Shortcuts app??

Siri Shortcuts is an app that lets you automate certain tasks or sequences of tasks that you can trigger with a tap or Siri voice command. For example, if you know you want to silence your phone for 30 minutes a day while you read, you can create a shortcut, so all you have to say is, "Siri, Do Not Disturb timer" (or whatever command you prefer). Or you might want to set a shortcut so that when your phone hits a certain battery level, Siri will automatically turn down the screen brightness and turn off location services to save battery.

Apple introduced shortcuts in iOS 12 . The app is included by default, and it's easy to get started with. In iOS 14, open the app, tap the Automation tab at the bottom and tap Create Personal Automation. You can also set up automations that work for everyone in your home.

What's new with Shortcuts in iOS 14??

In the past, you may have had to jump into the Shortcuts app to complete a task, Shortcuts engineer Daniel Hsu said during a June?WWDC session on new features. In iOS 14, Shortcuts will run seamlessly in the background, and only prompt you if you need to input any information. For example, if you have a shortcut for calculating tips, it'll prompt you to enter the bill.?

New folders make it easier to find and keep track of shortcuts. And you'll finally be able to use the Shortcuts app on an?Apple Watch with WatchOS 7, too.

Apple WWDC 2020 event

iOS 14 also has more options for automating tasks, letting you run actions based on triggers like the time of day, arrival at a location or when you open an app. For example, you can set up a shortcut so that if you open a journaling app, your phone automatically goes into Do Not Disturb mode and starts your writing playlist from Apple Music .?

The new OS lets you trigger shortcuts with more actions, like opening an email or message, closing an app or plugging your phone into its charger. It also supports more automated shortcuts that don't require an action from you, such as giving you a weather report and starting a playlist at a certain time of morning, or shutting down apps when the phone enters low-power mode. You can customize your shortcuts (automated or otherwise) exactly as you like from the app.?

You can find suggestions for things to automate in the Gallery tab of the Shortcuts app, and also check out our list of the 10 best iOS shortcuts and how they work for some inspiration.?

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